las Colinas Condominium's



  C.  Washing machines and dryers are permitted, upon submission of an architectural request to the Board. Required plumbing and electrical must be to code, and the equipment must not be placed so that it disturbs the neighbors. A payment of$1O.00 per month, to off-set additional water use, is also required.

D. All unit owners must submit for architectural approval for any structural alteration or improvement to their units and written approval must be granted by the Board of Directors before any such work can be done. Proper permits must be obtained and it is recommended that the work be performed by a licensed contractor.
E. No landscaping outside of a unit is permitted without written approval from the Board of Directors.

F. Unapproved additions or modifications to any unit or violations of the rules regarding unit maintenance and architectural control can result in fines starting at $25.00 per day, until the violation had been corrected and the property inspected for compliance